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MyLog is a company specialized in the supply of integrated logistics services in the industrial field (B2B) and in the e-commerce field (B2C).


With a tailor-made solution our company proposes large range of services from the management in House of the warehouses with finished products or components to the value-added activities such as assembly, customizations, management of returned goods.


We operate at our storehouses or in spaces owned by our clients (in-house) with our IT solutions, or by using the IT solutions of our clients implemented according to our experience.

The twenty years experience of an in harmony group of managers, matured in the best industrial realities of the territory, completes the salient features of MyLog giving life to a flexible, efficient and competitive reality.


We are adaptable and quick in the decision making and in the problem solving skills, able to provide an accurate and strongly personalized service to our customers.


MyLog shares its know-how with customers who need to make their cost of structure variable, developing ideas and missions to the attainment of a common goal; we strongly believe that logistic excellence can be vehicle of a solid and long lasting competitive advantage.

Logistica Industriale Bologna
MyLog in this sector has acquired over the years an experience that, today, for many customers has become a valuable resource...
Logistica E-commerce Bologna
MyLog for almost 10 years is present in the E-commerce sector supporting customers who have wanted to launch the new channel...
Gestione piattaforme di consolidamento Bologna
MyLog is a partner of many international shipping companies to which they entrust in outsourcing the management of the platform...
Supply chain management Bologna
Supply chain
The MyLog skills are not limited to the logistics of the product, but more and more we try to be proactive partners...