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Logistica Bologna
Management Platforms Consolidation

Management Platforms Consolidation

MyLog is a partner of many international shipping companies to which they entrust in outsourcing the management of the platform consolidation cause of the geographical location of its platforms and its well established and efficient network of transport services.
The service consists in picking up and delivery in Italy of the shipments on behalf of the senders and stuffing and destuffing of containers and trucks to/for international destinations.
The service is performed with extreme care in suitable warehouses equipped with hydraulic standards, the loads are carried out by personnel with a very high level of professionalism and with a great experience.
The services are executed by multilingual staff (Italian, English, French, Russian and Arabic) with the possibility to share in electronic form the progress of the activities, the platform is able to handle all customs documentation and labeling of containers ADR.

The services linked to the activities mentioned before are:


  • Groupage and express shipping in Italy/Europe
  • ADR services and controlled temperature
  • Stuffing and destuffing containers
  • Management of the transport documents
  • Remote printing labels for shipments
  • Management of the customs procedures