Logistica Bologna
Logistica Bologna
E-commerce logistics services Bologna


MyLog for almost 10 years is present in the E-commerce sector supporting customers who have wanted to launch the new channel of sales both in B2C and B2B fields. The appropriate logistic support is at the bottom of our success.
The key words are: FLEXIBILITY, PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY service. The poor logistics services can decree the failure of an entrepreneurial initiative because the consumers' feedback is immediate and often leads the consumers in their purchasing choices.

FlexybilityThe warehouse must work during the whole year because this type of business has neither timetable nor holidays. The customers who purchase online expect to receive the purchased products even when, normally, the stores and the shops are closed. The company's turnover can not be planed, so MyLog takes charge of the peak workloads management while providing the customer with the delivery within the agreed time.



PerformanceMyLog has developed its logistical services at the logistic centre of Bologna, focusing all on the quality of the service which often in the e-commerce field means to ship the product the same day the order is placed.



ReliabilityMyLog takes care of the customer's goods ensuring the utmost care in the preservation and in the shipment of the products, offering the packaging designed and customized on the characteristics of the product, and accurately executed with the minimal risk of breakage.



Our Services


  • Warehousing, packaging and shipping
  • Customization
  • Kitting
  • Management of the returned goods
  • Multilingual Customer Service